Robots- New era begins

Robots- New era begins

The 21st century’s biggest intervention would be without any doubt the advancement in the robotics and robot manufacturing industry. It has became so intense that all the major university of the world has a separate faculty on robotics. A student of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) has said he would leave the country’s best educational institute if there is no way he could learn robotics at his Alma-mater.


Figure: Robots are being used for the production of car.

All the major car manufacturers are using automatic robot to complete the absolute detailed works where margin of error is literally zero where one could easily say human error is bound to happen. Like the car industry all the major production based industries where there is nano-measurement experts, scientists and researchers are getting huge remuneration package so that they can create a perfect error-free production line. Read more on this Rise of the Robots Chronicles

Nowadays it is being spotted that even for household chore humanoid robots are being used in places. It can enhance your living standard by giving you more breathing space in your very tightly schedule life by performing so my types or work starting from getting the beer can from the fridge to doing your dry cleaning.


Figure: Robots are main attraction of any science exhibition or fair.

As we all know that robots are machines which are reducing human efforts in every aspect of human life. As such it is not beyond our thought, new era is coming where 60-70% of human work will be performed by the robots very effectively and accurately. Read more on this Rise of the Robots Chronicles. But we will always hope the human life would be out of danger in the crowd of the robots and they will not be manipulating human beings as we find in the fictions.


Figure: Robotic arm are being used for detailed technical work.

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  1. আমি পংগু, খোলা চিঠি, মানণীয় প্রধানমন্ত্রী শেখ হসিনা , আপনি জানেন কি ? আপনার সার্বিক সহযোগিতা চাই ৷ এটি আমার খোলা চিঠি, আমি এমন একটি নতুন জ্বালানিবিহীন জেনারেটার আবিস্কার করেছি যা চালাতে কোন প্রকার জ্বালানি তেল / তৈল, গ্যাস,  কোন প্রকার কাঠ, কয়লা, পেট্রোল, ওক্টেন, পানি, বাতাস, সৌরবিদ্দ্যূৎ, গোরুর গোবোর, জ্বালানী, সুর্য্যের তাপ, কেরোসিন তেল,  তৈল, তার্পিন, অক্সিজেন, নিউক্লিয়া শক্তি ইত্যাদি কোন কিছু ছাড়াই বিদ্দ্যূৎ উৎপাদন করা  সম্ভব  ৷ আপনার সার্বিক সহযোগিতা চাই ৷

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