Primary Ebtedayi PSC Exam Result 2016

Primary Ebtedayi PSC Exam Result 2016

Primary Ebtedayi PSC Exam Result 2016

Primary Ebtedayi PSC Exam Result 2016 will be available here at our site CAREERBDNEWS. This year Primary/ Ebtedayi Exam 2016 was held on 20th November 2016 and end of the exam 27th November, 2016. Primary Ebtedayi PSC Exam Result 2016 will publish on 29 December 2016. More girls than boys have taken the PSC/ Ebtedayi exams in Bangladesh this year.

Primary Ebtedayi PSC Exam Result 2016

HOW YOU CAN GET THE Primary/ Ebtedayi Exam 2016 RESULT

There is 2 ways to get the PSC/ Ebtedayi 2016 result.

  1. SMS Method
  2. Online Method

Online Method:

Provide the necessary information to get your result in the below field.

SMS Method:

Type DPE/EBT <> Student ID and send to 16222.

For Example:


Important Data about PSC/ Ebtedayi 2016:

In the ancient times and the middle ages the indigenous education system which evolved in the Indian subcontinent was predominantly theological and philosophical in approach. The system alienated itself from the common people. The Wood’s Education Despatch of 1854 was a significant example of the efforts to the modernization of education by the British rulers in Bengal. Following its recommendation a Department of Public Instruction created in 1855-56. The Despatch also advocated for encouraging initiatives to establish private education institutions. Lord Curzon took some steps for expanding primary education. Primary Ebtedayi PSC Exam Result 2016

In 1910, Gopal Krishna Gokhale placed a bill in the Law Council for making primary education compulsory. With the provision of limited autonomy in the Indian Book Act of 1921. Bengal (Rural) Primary Education Act took place in 1930. Although primary education was controlled, directed and managed by the Director of Public Instruction, and the schools were inspected by the District, Subdivision or Circle Offices (comprising one or more Thanas/ Upazillas) the direct administrative responsibility laid solely with the Zilla (District) School Boards. Find out more on Primary/ Ebtedayi Education Website.

We will update on the result of Primary/ Ebtedayi Education Exam 2016 as soon as we get any information. Thanks for staying with CAREERBDNEWS. Primary Ebtedayi PSC Exam Result 2016

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