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Spring festival in the world

The festival is celebrated in countries all over the world. People are waiting for. Now everyone’s interest and wait for the spring festival. This is how the festival is celebrated all over the country? Click here for more   Bangladesh A traditional festival of the Bengali is February first. Spring means the festival. The spring […]

Muslin Festival 2016

Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave. It is made in a wide range of weights from delicate sheers to coarse sheeting. It gets its name from the Indian port town Masulipatnam, known as Maisolos and Masalia in ancient times and the name ‘Muslin’ originated from the name Maisolos. Early Indian muslin was handwoven […]

NOKIA Relaunches Smartphones in 2016

Now that 2015 is officially over, Nokia can enjoy a well-deserved breath of freedom. If you don’t remember, the Microsoft buyout of the Finish’s Titan’s mobile business involved a particular non-compete clause that prevented the company from releasing smartphones under the Nokia brand. That expired on December 31, 2015 and eager fans can hardly contain […] © 2016